As the year begins we take the time to reflect on what we have achieved and learnt in the last year. 2017 has been a journey of growth and we want to share with you some of the things 2017 has taught us.

1. Meet Face to Face

Living in a highly technological age gives us the ability to be instantly connected to people from around the world. But though programs like Skype, Facetime, Whatsapp and Facebook are very useful and can save us money nothing beats meeting up face to face.

When we connect in a physical space you become more than a voice, an email or a face on a screen. You become a living, breathing person and somehow you become even more in tune to the person you are meeting. Just by being in the same room as another allows for a greater connection to be made.

2. Connect

We will not always be able to connect in a physical space but that does not mean that a virtual connection is not important either. As service providers we understand that our clients and our potential clients are not brick and mortar constructions but living, breathing human beings and; as human beings they are social creatures. With that being said a simple phone call or email helps in establishing and maintaining the link between us and our clients. It also helps that we like to hear from them….we hope they like to hear from us too.

3. Teamwork is Everything
Rome wasn’t built in a day and it definitely wasn’t built by one person. We have had some pretty big tasks this year and we could not have gotten through it without the help of our team. Your team is there to complement you. You can never do everything yourself because you would not always have the skillset or the time to. But you can surround yourself with persons who share the same vision and passion for the task at hand as you do to get the job done.
4. Do your Due Diligence

This goes for anyone who seeks entry to your space whether it be new team members or even potential clients. Nothing is more disappointing than putting your trust or time in a person who turns out to be not what you thought they were. Some people are dishonest about their expertise and/or reasons for seeking a job. You want to ensure that anyone you are looking to work with is the right fit for your team, that they hold the same values as your company does and that they understand the vision and the culture of your work environment. Being thorough in finding out about possible teammates would save both you and them headache in the long run.

This also relates to clients as well. Not all jobs are right for you and there is nothing wrong with declining a job that does not work within your realm. This avoid time wastage on the part of the potential client as they can use their time to find their perfect fit.

5. Know Your Worth

We are a part of a competitive industry and while we try to work with each client in terms of their budget we also understand the importance of knowing our worth and the value of the work we produce. It is important to clearly outline to persons exactly what it is you are offering and what makes you unique within your own field. In doing so it allows them to understand where their money is going and gives them an appreciation of the quality they will be receiving. Selling yourself short only brings trouble in the long run and sets unsustainable standards. On the flipside knowing your worth also allows you to evaluate where you are in the marketplace and where you could be. It’s never a bad thing to up your game.

6. Stay flexible

The only constant is change and changes come often. It is always a must to have you plan A. B and C but remember that life can throw obstacles in our way and when this happens we can’t shut down. There is after all a job to be done. Stay on your toes, think on your feet and be flexible. Now we know everyone does not handle change very well so it’s always good to make sure that if you are one of those people that you surround yourself with people that can come up with solutions to anything that arises in a quick fashion.

7. Take a leap of faith
Your will never get anywhere if you stay still. We spend a lot of our time preparing for our next move sometimes forgetting that the climax of that preparation is to actually move. We also become bogged down with doubt and fears that can inhibit our growth. Inevitably if we wait too long, opportunities are missed and our chance to reach greatness will pass us by. We must think of every step we take as a potential success or a wonderful lesson to be learnt. If we look at it this way then really is there a reason to be fearful?

8. Believe in yourself
Your strength lies in you and you have to know that. You are the reason that you have gotten the job, the client, the raise, etc. Your team works not only be there are competent people on it but because you are one of those people. You project thrives because you allow yourself to focus on it and you give 100%. We might not think this all the time but always remember the last win you had, that was your win and if you did it once (or twice) you can certainly do it again.

(By Kerri Birch)

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