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Do you see it? That arrow? Right there? That’s the play button. Press it. Press it!

This is the thought created as we scroll through social media daily but why so much content? Why so many videos?

In today’s society, video is king of engagement and the go-to medium releasing information. It has been used in traditional marketing for years but in the 21st century it is truly making its’ mark on social media. Customer engagement and high user traffic are generated mostly by that arrow so if you want to build brand trust, increased visibility and increased lead generation and conversion you should get some videos done as well. Here’s why.

Video is one of the most profitable and adaptable digital marketing tools available. Videos stimulate conversations which in turn lead to conversion and it has been proven that increased direct sales can be generated from people who just watch a short clip about a product or service. Video is leading the way with return on investment; nothing comes close.

With vision being our most dominant sense, visual stimulation acts as the best gateway to the mind and subconscious. With that said, we must also remember that the quality of your video content will also be the perceived quality of your brand, goods and/or services.

Never forget, people trust people, and the core reason why your story should be told is to provide someone real for customers to trust and connect with. In order to build trust and let people get to know you, you do not want to appear the perpetual salesman. Your video does not always have to directly sell your product so avoid the “Call us tomorrow at” because there comes a point where all your audience hears is “Call us tomorrow at 1-800-I-Only-Want-Your-Money”. Let people see you and get to understand why you do what you do and how you are there to help them or make their lives easier.

People love video, just ask the folks at Yello, and with Google now being the owners of YouTube creating video content to advertise your business just makes it more favourable for you and Google. They get content for their platform and you get built in assistance with your Search Engine Optimisation (S.E.O) allowing customers find you easily.

However, even though this may be so, always remember to upload natively. This means that for whatever social media platform you are on you should upload using that platform’s player. Don’t use one link and share across platforms, they don’t like that and in doing so your video is more liable not to pop up in people’s feed which means no visibility.

YouTube and Facebook are the two leading social networks in the world so you should definitely utilize these platforms to your advantage.

Mobile users absolutely love watching video content on the go, we are always looking for that next eye-catching content. Your video doesn’t have to be perfect; however, while it is proven that real life interactions prove valuable and are loved by all, boring content will get you nowhere fast. Sometimes it is better to hire a trusted production company to help you create some of your content and guide you along the way to ensure that the video you put out is one that truly touches your audience, engenders connection/engagement and creates a return on investment. Remember, if you invest in your video product you will get a boost in return on your sales.

So, go on and click that play button:

Experience Barbados from 13 Degrees North Productions on Vimeo.

(By Kirk Dawson)

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