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Where do you see yourself in 3 years, 5, years or even 10 years from now? If you closed your eyes can you clearly picture what your life would look like on this very day years in the future? We can.

As 2019 opened the importance of having clear vision for ourselves and the company became more and more imperative. We deemed it necessary in order to make plans and develop strategies to get us to the point we wanted to be. We didn’t do this just because all the world’s successful business leaders and influencers were saying we should but also because we realised that 3 years ago, we had a vision for 13 Degrees North Productions Inc that had begun to manifest itself from 2018. So we knew this thing of having a vision was powerful.

As I write this article from our office, and that is our “out of home” office, I remember us pouring over a document that would be our then business plan with a goal of an office space within three years being listed. Would we be able to achieve this goal? We certainly thought so and here we are.

We also wanted to seek opportunities on other territories in the Caribbean region and attract a certain type of productions to the Caribbean. In November 2018 we actually started working on initiative to involve other territories in the video and film industry introducing them to a certain level and quality of production and have been met with success thus far. We have also attracted through perseverance and building solid relationships a niche market of production to the region.

Getting into other territories to us meant first researching the countries, reaching out to the relevant persons there that may be of assistance and have valuable information, working out our value proposition, making phone calls, setting up meetings, visiting the countries, following up quickly with persons we met with, maintaining the contact and keeping the momentum. It was a similar task for the niche market of productions as well which we are now in good stead with and which benefits all the territories we are in as well.

These things took time and they took work. We didn’t just write it out, sit down and wait. If that were the case the vision would remain the vision and the point is really for the vision to become the reality and as that comes to fruition a new vision is created.

The thing about having the vision and writing it out is that once it is down on paper it becomes a physical thing. It is a constant reminder of the next stop, lest you forget, and it keeps you accountable to developing the method to get you there. And, if you share your vision with others not only do you feel more obligated to see it through, because there are now people who would hold you accountable; but you now can build a team of cheerleaders and motivators who know where you want to be and who would support you, urge you on, understand and share your vision and want you to succeed.

Right now, we are writing what is call a Vivid Vision, a concept developed by Cameron Herold of The COO Alliance. When this is done, we intend to share it with our partners, team members and affiliates. This way our circle knows where we want to go and the ride we want to take them on once they are willing to come along.

So, think about it for a while. Close your eyes and picture yourself 3 years down the road. Where are you? What are you doing?

(By Kerri Birch)

For more information of the Vivid Vision check out the book here .

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