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So, we’re into the third week of the New Year and we are still as optimistic as we were on 1st January.

This year we will strengthen the habits that worked for us last year and adopt new ones that will work just as well or better. As last year came to a close we started to reflect on the time that had passed and to look toward the time to come.

2016 was for us a year of learning and growth, two things that go very much hand in hand. Not only did our quest for knowledge expand our horizons and enhance our way of thinking but it also placed us in the paths of bright, ambitious people and mentors. We realised that by expanding our network we gained a support system of like-minded individuals who we can learn from and who we can also share our wisdom with. We are now essentially a larger team.

It’s this type of team spirit we endeavour to carry into this new year, knowing that there is so much more information to be gained and so much more allies to be met. I guess you can say that as the year progresses we hope to progress as well and carry those on our team along for the ride. In fact, just over the weekend we were able to enjoy the company of fellow filmmakers and sit and have discussion about our craft and its place in our society and the world. We were exposed to work from across the globe and inspired by the stories told onscreen and those told offscreen of the process of creating and the triumph of coming to the final product.

2017 brings with it 365 days which equals to 8760 hours which equals to 525,600 minutes. This is more than enough time to think, collaborate, create, share and start the process all over again; all the while learning much like we did last year. What we must remember is that with every process, whether successful or not, comes a learning experience.

And just like that there’s a habit we can adopt: Learn…Create…Share…Learn…Create…Share…

(By Kerri Birch)