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Not All Budgets Are The Same

DSC_9603 “So you are into video production? You know, I have an ad I would like done.” Every time I hear this I immediately know what is coming next. Time slows down and then they ask, "How much would something like that cost?"
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Press Play

Photography by Amleya Clarke | | | @amleyaclarkephotography | #amleyalclarkephotography | Copyright Amleya Clarke Photography 2016 | All rights reserved Do you see it? That arrow? Right there? That’s the play button. Press it. Press it! This is the thought created as we scroll through social media daily but why so much content? Why so many videos?
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Give Them What They Want (Part 2)

13 Degrees North_BTMI_AFCDusk_SL Who has your money? If you’re in business, then you know that someone somewhere out there holds in their possession your future riches. It could be a client, customer, investor or funding agency. If you’re in business, you also know that it’s not just about who has your money but it’s also about what you are going to do to get that money…legally of course.
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Stepping into the Future

13 Degrees North Caribbean Locations 3 Where do you see yourself in 3 years, 5, years or even 10 years from now? If you closed your eyes can you clearly picture what your life would look like on this very day years in the future? We can.
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Things 2017 Has Taught Us

Blog.13DegreedNorth.Lessons2017 As the year begins we take the time to reflect on what we have achieved and learnt in the last year. 2017 has been a journey of growth and we want to share with you some of the things 2017 has taught us.
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Act Grateful

gratitude rock Just the other day I was next to someone annoyed at the fact the service on their mobile phone was slow. (And it was within good reason as well, seeing as it’s a service being paid for) After contemplating the stranger’s plight I went on a voyage, peeling back layer after layer of thought until the stark realization confronted me.
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All In 48 Hours…Sorta

Our Blog - Craftsman Two weekends ago we participated in a 48 Hour film challenge hosted by the Barbados Film and Video Association and sponsored by Deloitte. As the challenge name suggests the rules were to conceptualise, script, shoot and edit a short film in 48 hours.
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One Time I Lost A Car

find-car_13_degrees_north_productions_caribbean The job of the Production Facilitation company is to ensure that the client gets all that is needed for their shoot to be a success. This could be crew, food, props, hotel accommodation, equipment, cars, you name it. The point is to create a stress-free environment for your client. You know what they need before they even tell you because that's the service you offer; the service of peace of mind. So imagine if you are given a task to complete and your efforts somehow fall short. Your client shouldn't have to deal with that bother because it's your job to fix it, so you do just that...
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Addicted to The Record Button

record2 The journey of a thousand miles starts with one step but with me it began with the press of a record button. For the majority, no sorry, for the entire span of my adult life I have been a servant of the media.
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The Importance of Being Earlier

early We have a horrible habit in the Caribbean and it is called tardiness. We like to be nonchalant about it, joking about running on island time. Let’s be clear “island time” is not an official time zone like Eastern Standard time or Greenwich Mean time. What it means is that everything goes slow and no one is in a hurry so being late becomes the custom but it’s okay because you’re on the island.
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If It’s Locations That You Want…

P1040025 This could be your office! The Caribbean, to most, is the ideal destination for rest and relaxation with its beautiful beaches and warm tropical breezes. However, for the Producer or Creative Director, the Caribbean is much more as it can become the perfect setting for a film, television production or photo shoot. 13° North Productions Inc. offers a variety of locations in Barbados to use as the backdrop for your next production. While we can offer full Production Facilitation for your project, if it's just locations you need we can also work with you to find the perfect location.
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New Dawn, New Project, New Website

Damani Re in sunset   Recently we had the pleasure of two things simultaneously.  One was working with poet, Damani Re on his new video and the next was experiencing the most captivating sunrise.  That morning we were embarking on a journey with this client who was embarking on his own journey.  And for that first step of many to be captured by us and highlighted in the brilliant rays of the sun made the moment even sweeter.  When this photo was taken, just like Damani and the camera, all eyes were glued to the horizon with hope for the future.