The journey of a thousand miles starts with one step but with me it began with the press of a record button. For the majority, no sorry, for the entire span of my adult life I have been a servant of the media. While not always in the same role it has always been behind the camera in some capacity and it is behind the camera along with my partner the record button that has taken me on a journey of much more than a thousand miles.

Throughout the Caribbean, the USA and Asia; leaders of countries, leaders in sports, celebrities, criminals, ad campaigns and major events have all fallen victim to my record button. Let’s not talk about the countless stories of trying to get the perfect shot. I remember that one time when I was on the Great Wall in China and the police…….well, you would have to be there. But trust me the stories are priceless.

There is something euphoric about getting the perfect shot, The hours to set up for just a few seconds, the waking up at ungodly hours to get the morning light, that tingly feeling when you see the awe on your clients’ face. Then you know that the hours of toiling and pursuit of perfection was all worth it. The record button keeps my company and we will continue to journey.

You see, media and all that is involved is in my blood and it is in the blood of all the members of 13 Degrees North. We don’t just do this because of the paycheck because if we did we would find other careers. We do this because this is our passion, the pursuit of the perfect shot, the happy client, the pursuit of greatness and perfection is why we do this. We are addicted to the record button.

(Written by Rondell French)

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